We aim to focus on innovative research that is internationally competitive, support teaching and learning and has the potential to have a significant impact on society.

To achieve this we will:  
  • develop clusters of strength to maximise knowledge outputs and impact
  • focus resources on strategic clusters
  • build up research human capacity as well as broaden and deepen research training
  • enhance the learning experiences of scholars and postgraduate students
  • support diverse approaches to scholarship
  • address community needs through applied research
  • develop research collaborations with strategic partners around the world
  • produce new knowledge that improves people’s lives

Our 3 research clusters:

Creative Media/Practice
Film, literary arts, music, and visual/media arts

Health and Drug Discovery
Chinese medicine, chemistry, microbiology, ageing, physical education

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in X
Where X denotes applications such as Data-journalism and Data-healthcare


Innovate to Impact - Research at Hong Kong Baptist University

World’s first “lip password”


Fatigue Driving Detection and Alarm System

Portable Balance Scale

Portable Gait Analyser

Lanthanide Toolbox