Art tech at HKBU: An overview

As a well-known cradle of creativity, HKBU has always sought to engage in ground-breaking research and development work at HKBU that can change the world. By leveraging our established strengths in both the arts and sciences, we are taking an interdisciplinary approach that will transform and advance the arts and culture by producing new experiences and creations through art tech.


Art-Tech-01 Art-Tech-01

Art tech enables us to harness the power of technology to reimagine what’s possible in the artistic world. From the application of AI in visual art to the creation of cutting-edge infrastructure, we have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading art tech developers, and we have helped make Hong Kong an international arts and cultural hub. 


Our work and the related outcomes have set the global standards for art tech. You are invited to learn more about our team, and explore the projects and technologies that form our art tech ecosystem.


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