HKBU is home to a vibrant arts and culture community with excellent facilities and year-round events for students, staff and the public.


Music Performances

The Department of Music hosts a diverse range of professional-grade musical performances and concerts throughout the year for students and the public.


Visual Arts Events

The Academy of Visual Arts hosts different exhibitions and talks throughout the year to stimulate the senses and broaden the mind with fresh perspectives.


Film Screenings and Events

The Academy of Film hosts screenings of films from different genres, as well as events that broaden students’ academic and professional knowledge.


Library Exhibitions

The University Library regularly hosts exhibitions that highlight unique items from its special collections, as well as exhibitions that showcase the work of HKBU staff and students.


Academic Community Hall

The Academic Community Hall is a community centre that hosts a variety of events and performances that encourage student participation and the exploration of different passions and interests.


Cultural Literacy Programme (LIVE)

The Cultural Literacy Programme (LIVE) is a university-wide programme that allows students to explore different interests to fill a gap in academic learning, and it helps them use their creativity to serve the community.