Leading University in Asia Leading University in Asia

1  Leading University in Asia

HKBU aspires to:
  • nurture students to become inspired, confident, professioanl and ethical leaders

  • build partnerships with leading universities to foster academic excellence

  • promote Chinese and Asian values, knowledge and cultures in the context of national, regional and global knowledge network

For the World For the World

2  For the World

HKBU seeks to:
  • empower students, staff and alumni to be servant leaders

  • promote cross-cultural understanding and meaningful world debates through trans-disciplinary research collaborations

  • build communities that serve as catalysts and platforms to imagine with new solutions to global challenges

Delivering Academic Excellence Delivering Academic Excellence

3  Delivering Academic Excellence

The University delivers academic excellence by:
  • offering research-enriched and creative curricula where diverse communities of learners work in world-class facilities and engage openly

  • investing in research capacity and strength, and achieving deep international partnerships

  • engaging meaningfully at home and abroad so that flows of knowledge and skills can solve local, regional and global challenges

Caring Culture Caring Culture

4  Caring Culture

Caring means:
  • preparing graduates to serve Hong Kong and beyond through studies grounded in community connectedness

  • facilitating knowledge creation and transfer by developing technology and serving society

  • fostering learning and research culture that anchors itself in global relevance and ethical awareness

  • taking care of students' academic and personal needs through close staff-student relationships and mentoring

  • maintaining valued relationships with alumni and attending to the well-being of the HKBU community

Creative Culture Creative Culture

5  Creative Culture

HKBU promotes creativity by:
  • allowing students to realise their unique potential, build intellectual confidence and develop fulfilling professional and personal lives

  • encouraging learners to think out of the box and empowering them to reimagine themselves as creative innovators and entrepreneurs fit for the 21st century

  • embracing diverse opinions and debates knowing that progress comes through collaboration, discussion, teamwork and the valuing of different views

Global Culture Global Culture

6  Global Culture

HKBU seeks to:
  • enhance the intercultural competencies and global perspectives of students through campus internationalisation, exchange and foreign placement

  • enlarge the University's international profile and contribution so that its name becomes synonymous with the very best that liberal arts education can be

  • work transparently and cross-culturally, and adopt optimal practices for talent recruitment and development, governance, and sustainable academic growth