HKBU fights against COVID-19 with Chinese medicine and comprehensive care

09 Mar 2022

Given the recent upsurge in cases amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, HKBU has established a transdisciplinary team of experts and supporting personnel to offer a free and integrated Chinese medicine prevention and treatment service, as well as emotional support resources to COVID patients, their close contacts and carers, with the aim of contributing to Hong Kong’s fight against the pandemic.


While HKBU offers free Chinese medicine prevention and treatment consultations and emotional support resources, a generous donation pledge of HK$10 million from the Tencent Charity Foundation has enabled HKBU’s School of Chinese Medicine to provide and deliver free medicine to service users.


Professor Alexander Wai, President and Vice-Chancellor, said: “HKBU is devoted to advancing the frontier of Chinese medicine research, and the efficacy of Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 has been proven clinically. In view of the pandemic’s development and in line with our caring spirit, the University has promptly assembled a Chinese medicine team to participate in the fight against the virus, with the hope of helping patients with urgent needs and alleviating the pressure on the public healthcare system. 


“Our Department of Social Work is also offering an emotional support and counselling service in elderly homes to take care of the mental health of patients and staff. A number of university departments are also providing administrative support, with the aim of joining hands to tackle the COVID-19 challenge,” he added.

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