Inclusive care for the elderly

18 Mar 2022

The elderly are the hardest hit demographic in the fifth wave of the pandemic, and the heartbreaking fatalities call for timely support to help them recover. To this end, HKBU has been working with the Hospital Authority, the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology and St James' Settlement to offer online consultations and herbal medicine deliveries for confirmed patients, close contacts and carers of elderly homes. Up until now, around 100 elderly homes have been served.


HKBU firmly believes that providing holistic care to the needy is essential in terms of enhancing wellness, and we have translated this belief into action by leveraging the University’s niche areas. As the elderly who have been affected by COVID may be particularly vulnerable to emotional distress, a mental health support service was launched in early March. Volunteers trained by the Social Work Practice and Mental Health Centre of our Department of Social Work are now providing emotional support or counselling services over the phone to the elderly patients and carers in elderly homes to help reassure them and ease the pressure. Such inclusive and all-round support is illustrative of the University's holistic approach to promoting wellness.