New book by staff (20 September 2022)

20 September 2022

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Hollywood in China: Behind the Scenes of the World’s Largest Movie Market

Author: Professor Zhu Ying, Professor of the Academy of Film


ISBN: 978-1-62097-218-2


China surpassed North America to become the world’s largest movie market in 2020. Formerly the focus of exotic fascination in the golden age of Hollywood, today the Chinese are a make-or-break audience for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. And movies are now an essential part of China’s global “soft power” strategy: a Chinese real estate tycoon, who until recently was the major shareholder of the AMC theatre chain, built the world’s largest film production facility. Behind the curtain, as this brilliant new book reveals, movies have become one of the biggest areas of competition between the world’s two remaining superpowers.