HKBU students visit South Korea for peacebuilding studies 

Thursday, 12 January 2023


A total of 36 HKBU students joined a study tour to South Korea co-organised by the Chaplain’s Office and the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies in December 2022. The study tour, which is part of the “Action Ark Peacebuilding Programme”, aims to equip students with the skills to be peacebuilders and spread the message of peace in the community.

During the tour, students visited the Korea Peacebuilding Institute and the Mennonite Central Committee to learn about their peacebuilding work in the local community and the “restorative justice approach” which helps cultivate peace between conflicting parties through active communication and reconciliation. They also shared their peacebuilding experience on campus and in Hong Kong.

The students also visited important memorial sites in South Korea to further understand various historical issues and the relevant peacebuilding efforts made afterwards, such as the harm brought to Korean comfort women during World War II, the Gwangju Democratic Movement, and the tension between North and South Korea.

Students also participated in a local church’s Christmas service and prayer meeting, and they conducted workshops on cultivating inner peace for local students of Ewha Womans University.