A dialogue between art and science

22 Feb 2023

How art and science connect with and inspire each other is the theme of the new exhibition on campus, “STEAM”, which stands for “Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math”. The exhibition showcases the works of nine students and recent graduates of the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA), who have used a range of different mediums to create artworks that are related to scientific images, ideas, and the process of experimentation.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore the relationship between art and science, and gain a deeper understanding of how creativity can bridge the two worlds. The event also features over 50 new titles on Art & Science books in the University’s library collection, and a series of quotes from famous artists and scientists on the profound connections between the two disciplines.


20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00067 20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00067
Dr Michael Whittle curated an exhibition to showcase a collection of works by AVA students and graduates who were interested in exploring art in relation to scientific images, ideas, and the process of experimentation.


Dr Michael Whittle, Research Assistant Professor of AVA, curated the exhibition. “The collection brings together artworks created in a variety of mediums, including sculptures, paintings, kinetic and digital works. The featured works explore art and science from very different perspectives,” he says.


20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00060 20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00060
‘Time flies, people leave’ by Venus Chau


Venus Chau created a sound installation using wires to depict the network of arteries and veins while preserving the memories of her loved ones. “Some of the closest people in my life have left Hong Kong over the past few years, and this presents a great change. The speakers of the installation play the sound of their heartbeats which were recorded when we talked about our childhood memories. This speaks of the close and deep relationship that can only be expressed beyond words,” she says.


20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00007 20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00007
‘Cell’ by Andy Ho


In a series of experimental concrete sculptures, Andy Ho explored the idea of ‘Body’ and the biochemical process of metabolism. He says: “The concrete plugs represent connectivity, and each plug can be seen as a building, a human body, or a cell. When you look at the networks of cities and buildings, they are not unlike our biological metabolic systems. The body, in this interpretation, is a system of connection.”


20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00070 20230215_photo_SteamExhibition_highres-00070
‘Therapy’, Angela Ng


"I wanted to visualise the idea that human emotions are a result of particles that exist in our brains," says Angela Ng, whose sculpture references anatomy, biochemistry, and neurobiology. Made from carefully molded sections of ceramics to resemble the human brain, the sculpture also features steel shapes which represent neurotransmitters. "By laying out the brain in the open, people can examine their feelings in a detached way."

“STEAM” opens from 15 February until 14 March 2023 at the Trans-disciplinary Discovery Commons at the HKBU Library.