Mr Edmund Au Tin-fung Mr Edmund Au Tin-fung
Mr Edmund Au Tin-fung

Honorary University Fellow (2021)

Mr Edmund Au graduated from the School of Business at Hong Kong Baptist College, the predecessor of Hong Kong Baptist University, and he holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Upper Iowa University.

A successful entrepreneur in the finance industry, Mr Au is currently the Director and General Manager of Prior Global Asset Management Group Limited, which provides financial services, as well as corporate services such as compliance, human resources, and the provision of company secretaries.

Mr Au has had an illustrious career, and he has spent over 30 years working for five listed companies. Except for the first listed company, which was an industrial group, all the other listed companies have played an active role in the financial sector, including securities and futures dealing, corporate finance, asset management, wealth management, lending, and insurance brokerage. Mr Au has also served as an executive director and independent non-executive director of several listed companies, and he has made significant contributions to the industry.

Mr Au’s hard work and dedication have propelled his successful career. After graduation, he rapidly ascended the ranks of the industrial group and became the Assistant General Manager, managing various businesses of the company. Mr Au stood out from his peers and devoted himself to his work. It was his ambition, devotion and compassion that enabled him to perform at such a high level, and his people-oriented management style has cultivated a productive and supportive environment within the team.

At the beginning of his career, Mr Au stayed true to his beliefs in terms of making brave decisions, nurturing goodwill, and maintaining a rational attitude towards fame and wealth, and over time, these beliefs have become his life philosophy. After starting his own business, Mr Au made sure that he took good care of his employees, and he continues to nurture them like a mentor and family member. He is always willing to support his employees in terms of both their academic pursuits and work-related training opportunities, and this includes setting up scholarships for employees’ further education to encourage their continuous improvement. Mr Au has also used his insights from the finance field and his personal charisma to instil a strong sense of belonging, diligence, and professionalism in his team. The plum tree and the peach tree do not boast, but under their branches, a path unfolds. Mr Au humbly attributes the company’s success to his team, however, it is clear to those who know him well that he is the source of empowerment that sincerely supports them.

Mr Au has a profound affection for and commitment to Hong Kong, his home. In 2016, deeply concerned about the living conditions of underprivileged families in Hong Kong, Mr Au led his team to work with the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) to identify suitable properties, renovate them and rent them to families in need at an affordable price. In 2017, Mr Au’s efforts received positive feedback from the community and the Hong Kong Government. With the Government’s support, more resources from the community have been invested into this project, and there is now more awareness of the initiative. Mr Au and SoCO jointly established a non-profit organisation, Prior Social Housing Limited, to formalise and expand the footprint of the project and aid its sustainable development. As of 2021, hundreds of grassroots families have benefited from the transitional housing programme. Mr Au hopes to devote more time and energy to helping grassroots citizens and serving the community at multiple levels.

In addition, Mr Au values education and he is always concerned about his alma mater. Over the years, the Prior Group has donated funds to Hong Kong Baptist University for the Prior Outstanding Business Administration Student Scholarship and the “Prior Outstanding Mainland Student Scholarship”. It has also supported the development of music at the University through its sponsorship of the HKBU Symphony Orchestra’s annual gala concert. Moreover, Mr Au established the Prior Overseas Study Scholarship to enable local secondary students to attend STEM courses at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and the scheme has helped young people broaden their horizons.

Mr Au believes that Hong Kong is supported by the Motherland and that it benefits from the country’s strong economic development, so he has great confidence in the development of Hong Kong, especially the finance industry. He urges young people to expand their horizons, improve themselves and embrace opportunities.

As an enthusiastic alumnus of the University, Mr Au is the Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation and a member of its Entrepreneur Committee. He feels honoured to be able to contribute to the University and the community.