Best Student Experience Best Student Experience

1  Best Student Experience


To deliver the best student experience by emphasising integrity, creativity, communication, employability, and commitment to the common good of humankind.

We will achieve this through:
  • a research-led curriculum

  • cross-cultural learning experiences

  • diverse and innovative learning methods and pedagogies to foster creativity and a cosmopolitan outlook

  • enhanced service and experiential learning opportunities

  • inclusive admissions for diversity

Research Excellence Research Excellence

2  Research Excellence


To produce world class research in selected research clusters; and to solve problems for and with society using close connections between HKBU researchers and external stakeholders.

To achieve this we will
  • develop clusters of strength to maximise knowledge outputs and impact

  • focus resources on strategic clusters

  • build up research human capacity as well as broaden and deepen research training

  • enhance the learning experiences of scholars and postgraduate students

  • support diverse approaches to scholarship

  • address community needs through applied research

  • develop research collaborations with strategic partners around the world

  • produce new knowledge that improves people's lives

Capacity Capacity

3  Capacity


To sustain academic excellence through investments in people, governance, and facilities.

We will achieve this through:
  • a fit-for-purpose talent policy

  • a transparent and fair governance system with periodic review of the administrative and academic structures

  • state-of-the-art facilities driven by the latest learning and research needs

  • a low-carbon and environmentally sustainable campus

  • new funding sources and enhanced resource allocation policies

  • global partnerships

  • intelligence function – development of an institutional intelligent data system fit for the needs of our advancing institution

  • cosmopolitan campus life

  • the Talent100 Initiative