Mr Allan H C KWONG Mr Allan H C KWONG
Mr Allan H C KWONG

Honorary University Fellow (2013)

Mr Allan Kwong is a global leader in the trading, logistics and manufacturing sector whose commitment to innovative business practices and staunch support of research and development inspire generations of students. He currently serves as President and Chief Executive of Regal Holdings Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of lighting products and solutions, with a workforce of over 1,300 across South China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Europe and the US. He is also designated Honorary President of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation.
During the formative years of his career, Mr Kwong quickly established himself in the retail and logistics industries by successfully recognising and balancing competitive business demands. In the early 80s he moved to the US, and worked for Moss Manufacturing Co., Inc. and, in less than two years, was promoted from Traffic Controller to Vice President of Far East Operations. During his tenure the company became one of the largest ceiling fan importers in the US, commanding an annual turnover in excess of US$50 million. Mr Kwong subsequently helped manufacturers from Asia to establish their sales network and distribution operation in the US which was, at the time, held pre-dominantly by local competitors. Mr Kwong then worked for Catalina Inc. When he was serving as Vice-President of Operations, and then promoted to Assistant to the Chairman, the turnover grew from US$2 million to US$50 million and he helped launch an initial public offering for the company in the American Stock Exchange, enabling the company to become one of the largest traders of lighting and ceiling fans. Upon returning to Hong Kong in 1989, Mr Kwong invested US$20,000 to start his own business. Today, this company, Regal Holdings Corporation, is globally known with an annual turnover in excess of US$60 million.
Throughout his career, Mr Kwong has emphasised the importance of innovation. For instance, in the 80s he helped developed an international trade platform that allows effective coordination between customers and suppliers. His implementation is still in use by most global players today. In the mid-80s he designed an inventory control programme for suppliers and client companies to minimise stocking risks, effectively reduce costs and ensure stocking to meet customer’s needs. Furthermore, he devised product mix and promotional schemes which significantly increased profit margins and sales. Most recently, his company invented a series of patent products such as light bulbs, lighting connectors and electrical controls that helped bring ease and convenience to many in the US. Furthermore, his investment in the development of Regal’s workforce led to Mr Kwong being named as one of the Top 100 Best Employers in Zhongshan.
Recognising the importance of innovation, Mr Kwong is an impassioned advocate for research and development, and inspires the next generation through supporting the higher education sector and his community. At Hong Kong Baptist University, Mr Kwong made a donation of $1 million in 2007 to support research and development on Food Safety and Analysis. In 2010 he made a further donation of $1 million designated for the project on Organic LED for Solid State Lighting under the Centre for Advanced Luminescence Materials. Over the same period Regal Holdings Corporation supported the HKBU Golf Day as the Title Sponsor with a total donation of $1.4 million. Since 2012, Mr Kwong has served as Vice-Chairman of the HKBU Golf Day Organising Committee. Furthermore, Mr Kwong continues to balance the demands of leadership of a major global company with service to the community. Examples include being an Associate, for Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Science, University of Southern California, US; a Member, for the Board of Visitors, Seaver College, Pepperdine University, US; the Vice- President, The Xiqu Chamber of Commerce, Zhongshan; an Honorary Trustee, The Xiqu Primary School, Zhongshan; and, here in Hong Kong, being a Consultant with the Bel Canto Chorus.
Mr Kwong’s passion for innovation at work and his inspiration to the next generation of the community as well as his steadfast support for the academic research and development of the University have been most invaluable.