Ms Delia W S Chan Ms Delia W S Chan
Ms Delia W S Chan

Honorary University Fellow (2012)

Ms Delia Chan was born in Macau, and in her early years she pursued a higher diploma course in Secretarial and Managerial Studies of the then Hong Kong Baptist College.  From 2001 to 2005, Ms Chan pursued the Bachelor’s degree in Health Science (Chinese Medicine) jointly offered by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.  In 2008, she graduated from the Master of Chinese Medicine programme at HKBU.
Despite her humble beginnings, Ms Chan was diligent and hard-working, and she took up part-time teaching posts in two separate schools when she was studying at HKBU. Upon graduation, Ms Chan joined the textiles and garment industry and soon became an outstanding corporate management professional.  From 1971 to 1975, she was the executive secretary of Tai Fong Dyeing and Weaving Factory Limited.  In 1975, she joined Goodyear Industrial Corporation (Garment Factory) as manageress, and later she founded Famous Horse Garment Factory Limited, Belsen Garment Factory of Taishan City, Southern Dragon Textiles Limited and Guangdong Taishan Textile Industrial Limited with her late husband.  She has been Executive Director and President of these companies since 1992.
As an entrepreneur of great foresight, Ms Chan has made significant contributions to the economic and social developments of both Hong Kong and the Mainland.  Besides repeated donations in support of healthcare and medical services, education, and cultural projects in Hong Kong and the Mainland, Ms Chan is also personally involved in various public and social services in an impressive display of respectable selflessness.  Ms Chan has contributed towards the building of Taishan Chanxi Primary School and Taishan Lee Tan Geng Kai Memorial Middle School, and provided monthly subsidies for 3,500 students of the latter.  She has also funded the building of Taishan Jingxiu Middle School and the Taishan Building of Wuyi University, and set up an education fund and a capital works fund for the university.  One of the Rehabilitation Buildings of the Wuyi Chinese Medicine Hospital was named Lee Chan Wai Sheung Building in recognition of her generous support. To promote the culture and arts of her hometown, Ms Chan has sponsored the Taishan Culture and Art Festival for ten times since the year of 1997.
Ms Chan has a caring heart for the socially disadvantaged.  Since 1997, she has been giving financial support to a programme of the Wuyi Chinese Medicine Hospital in providing free medical consultation to the elderly in the city of Jiangmen during the Chung Yeung Festival.  She has also donated to the Disease Prevention and Control Centre and other municipal and public facilities in Jiangmen, including the Wuyi Huaqiao Plaza, bridges, roads, and water conservation facilities.
As an alumna of HKBU, Ms Chan cares deeply about the development of her alma mater. Since 2008, she has made generous donations to the HKBU Foundation to support the Centre for Cancer and Inflammation Research, HKBU Campus Expansion Plan, HKBU scholarships, and Chinese medicine research.
Ms Chan possesses both an outstanding vision and a respectable spirit of kindness. She is a successful entrepreneur as well as a committed educator.  Mr Chairman, in view of Ms Chan’s unreserved love for Hong Kong and the Mainland, and of her dedication to the advancement of education in particular to the development of the University, it is my privilege to present Ms Delia Chan to you for the award of an Honorary University Fellowship.