Mr Dickson T Y SHANG Mr Dickson T Y SHANG
Mr Dickson T Y SHANG

Honorary University Fellow (2014)

A graduate of our distinguished institution, Mr Dickson T Y Shang received his Diploma in Business Management from the Hong Kong Baptist College in 1973. After his graduation from Dalhousie University in Canada with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, Mr. Shang taught business at the College between 1975 and 1977. Thereafter he entered the field of business proper, assuming a variety of appointments in brokerage and commodities trading and management at Hong Kong’s finest and most reputable institutions, including Sun Hung Kai–ACLI Commodities Limited and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), where he assumed the important appointment of Executive Director of HSBC Broking Services (Asia) Limited until his retirement in 2011. His career achievements in the financial sector are rightly considered exemplary.
As a long-serving alumnus of the University, Mr Shang has been a steadfast supporter of the HKBU School of Business and the University’s mission and aims at large.  He served as Member of the Advisory Committee for the School of Business from 2005 to 2009 and, despite his busy schedule, always enjoyed participating in the School’s functions and activities. He continues to enjoy a strong rapport with students, staff, and faculty in the School and has generously shared his financial and managerial experience with them, including having served as Career Mentor and Member of the Advisory Committee on Graduate Employment of the University. Since his retirement, Mr Shang has served as Adjunct Professor of the School of Business and continues to offer his steadfast support to the School and its postgraduate students whom he greatly enjoys teaching. He has also been a reliable and insightful contributor to the School of Business Executive Development Seminar Series.
Mr Shang’s enthusiastic support for the School of Business has also resulted in his being a major donor to University causes and initiatives in general. He has contributed over the years including: vesting the H. P. Shang Admission Scholarship in the School of Business; in support of the Finance Students Real Money Investment Fund; as a donor to the Hong Kong Baptist University Development Fund; and, via the HKBU Century Club, a most meaningful donation to the University’s Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. Additionally, since January 2013, Mr Shang has served as an Honorary Member of the University Court where his contributions have been characteristically cordial, astute, and helpful. Given such a demonstrable track record of broad-based and high-impact support to HKBU, Mr Shang was recently appointed Honorary President of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation, a post he currently holds. Looking forward, he is excited about on-going HKBU alumni development and other initiatives, including the recently launched “Alumni $100 Donation Campaign” in support of specific and targeted fund-raising campaigns.
A good friend and colleague to so many, Mr Shang has consistently sought to enrich the student life on campus, in an effort to nurture the all-round talents of Hong Kong’s next generation of leaders. Since September 2011, he has served as Honorary Student Advisor to the Business School Alumni Mentoring Programme and, through it, effectively promulgated the University’s aim of Whole Person Education. His active engagement with and life-coaching of our students has greatly encouraged and inspired them as they strive to develop their potential both in the classroom and beyond as contributors to society.
A pillar of our University as well as a key enabler of its forward vision, Mr Dickson T Y Shang has carried numerous burdens with resolve and in good cheer on behalf of HKBU, our students and faculty, and Hong Kong society at large.