Mr Lee Siu-lun Mr Lee Siu-lun
Mr Lee Siu-lun

Honorary University Fellow (2017)

Mr Lee Siu-lun was born in a scholarly family in Shunde, Guangdong. During childhood, he learned Chinese classics in a local private school. Later, he was sent to Zhanjiang to receive modern education. In 1944, he started his career as a trainee in the gold and silver industry in Guangzhou. Due to his diligence and eagerness to learn, he was promoted to an accounting officer in a year and soon became a manager.

Mr Lee moved to Hong Kong in 1951. He initially engaged in import trade as well as rubber and natural gum products manufacturing. Afterwards he focused on the real estate business and founded a number of companies throughout the years. Among these companies, Siu On Realty Company Limited went public and became a listed company. Mr Lee is currently Managing Director of both Siu On Realty Company Limited and Tai Shun Finance Company Limited, Honorary Life President of Hong Kong Shunde Friendship Association, Vice President of Shunde Worldwide Friendship Association, and Director of Education Foundation of Shunde District in Foshan.

Visionary and pragmatic, Mr Lee keeps on building up his business in different areas over the years. He capitalised on the opportunities of China’s reform and opening up and expanded his real estate business to the Mainland. He set up Siu On Real Estate Development Co Ltd in Shanghai, Jie Li Property in Guangzhou, and Shiu Fung Property in his home town Shunde. Under his leadership, these companies not only provide a strong boost to the Mainland’s economic development, but also bring rapid growth of Mr Lee’s property business.

Mr Lee is a kind and caring person. He dedicates himself to philanthropic pursuits particularly in his hometown Shunde. In 1990, he made a generous donation to revamp a hospital in the Daliang sub-district of Shunde and named it Ren’ai Hospital. In 1996, he made a further donation to build the Ren’ai Branch Hospital for the benefit of the residents in the southern part of Daliang. Mr Lee also supported the enhancement of teaching facilities at a primary school in Daliang. In recognition of Mr Lee’s contribution, the local Government named the school as “Lijiefu Primary School” after his father. In addition, he contributed  significantly to the Education Foundation of Shunde District, the Charities Foundation of Shunde District and the renovation of local historical sites, including the Baolin Temple in Foshan. In recognition of his extensive contributions, Mr Lee was honoured as Honorary Citizen of Shunde and Foshan. Mr Lee has made donations in the name of his mother-in-law to a school for building a library and other infrastructure. He has also supported the development of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In the Mainland, he established seven Hope Primary Schools in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunan Provinces and provided tremendous support for the education development there.

Mr Lee has been a staunch supporter of Hong Kong Baptist University over the years. He has made generous contributions towards the University’s various endeavours, which included the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, the School of Chinese Medicine and the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology. He also supported the University’s Campus Master Plan and granted financial assistance to HKBU students for organising service tours in Sichuan, Gansu, etc.

Mr Lee Siu-lun is a successful entrepreneur with visionary thinking. He has demonstrated active citizenship in community and contributed greatly to the well-being of society. He has also shown great care and support for various aspects of the University’s development.