Mr Stanley Yim Yuk-lun Mr Stanley Yim Yuk-lun
Mr Stanley Yim Yuk-lun

Doctor of Business Administration, honoris causa (2019)

Mr Stanley Y L Yim, BBS, JP, is a successful business leader known for his sharp and accurate vision, concentration, and adaptability in his business approach. Describing himself as someone who is constantly prepared to meet the challenges that arise in the ever-changing market, Mr Yim is well-known for leading with well-defined ambitions while staying fit to modify his strategies and alter his company’s directions in order to rise above the changes.

He is the founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Limited, a global leading provider of electronic supply chain services based in the Greater China region. His ability to prosper from change makes him a visionary entrepreneur in the industry. Since establishing the Group 38 years ago, Mr Yim has helped it to navigate through many rough periods. Since the listing, the Group has experienced the 1997 financial turmoil, the 2003 SARS epidemic, and the 2008 financial crisis. Ambitions did not always bear fruit. As shared by Mr Yim, his Group began to expand its business in the 1990s, which included clothing stores, sporting goods, food and beverage, as well as tourist shops. At the same time, the Group rapidly developed its high-end stores, opening more than 200 branches in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Taiwan. Yet the unexpected financial storm of 1997 brought substantial losses to the business. When asked what drove him to endure the difficulties to come out triumphantly, Mr Yim pointed to four important qualities, namely having a sharp and accurate vision, perseverance, expecting challenges and confronting them calmly, and finally, setting achievable goals. During the financial turmoil, these attributes quickly translated into his actions to cut down expenses, abandon other business lines, concentrate the resources, and steadfastly manage the business. With unwavering command, he concentrated on developing the electronic business, and drastically charted a new course for the Group. Today, the S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Limited, a member of the HKBU Foundation, is on Forbes’ prestigious list of the top-performing listed companies in the Asia-Pacific region with revenues of US$3.5 billion, in what is called the inaugural “Best Over a Billion” list.

If the driver of engagement is opportunity and well-being, and the driver of opportunity and well-being is recognition and appreciation, then Mr Yim shows his recipe for success by honouring his team and his family. When talking about the stress of the market and how adjustments in response to market changes are crucial in the business world, he emphasizes that “accomplishing [such a] goal is the credit of the entire team.” He adds, “Even we are now facing the US-China trade war now, they are fearless and continue to overcome difficulties.” His pride of, and dedication to, his professional team is one of the hallmarks of his leadership.

Besides being an Honorary Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association, Mr Yim has been active in various social endeavours over the years. He joined the Yan Chai Hospital Board of Directors in 1993, and became the Chairman in 2003 and now a member of the Advisory Board of Yan Chai Hospital; and is presently serving as a member of the 11th to 13th Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Mr Yim and his family have been passionate philanthropists who participate in various types of charitable work in Hong Kong. In the spirit of giving back to society, Mr Yim and his wife have made generous donation to Yan Chai Hospital and other charitable organisations. For his far-reaching influence and impact to industry and beyond, Mr Yim was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Council in 2018, and the prestigious Bronze Bauhinia Star from the HKSAR government in the same year.

As for his firm support of HKBU, Mr and Mrs Yim generously contributed to the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology Development Fund in 2015 and HKBU Fundraising Dinner 2019 respectively. Mr Yim has recently pledged another donation to HKBU in support of its Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-28 and the establishment of a student development fund for student exchanges, internships and innovative service-learning. Finally, while Mr Yim is the Honorary Permanent President of the HKBU Foundation and serves on its Entrepreneur Committee, his daughter also contributes to the Foundation as a member of its Young Entrepreneur Committee. With the staunch support of Mr Yim and his family, HKBU is in a stronger position to educate and nurture our students.

Speaking about nurturing young people, Mr Yim feels it is important to encourage them to not only pursue short-term interests, but to cast their minds far and wide toward longer-term goals. “Do not be afraid of failure,” he advises, “work hard to accumulate more experience and knowledge, and develop more in other fields overseas to broaden your horizon, especially in China.” Developing critical thinking, or what he calls “mature thinking,” is key to a continuous enrichment of value and opportunities.

A successful entrepreneur and generous philanthropist with principled dedication to education and public welfare, Mr Yim has exerted a positive and lasting influence on innumerable people in his business and in our community. His many contributions of resources to support social advancement are highly commendable. HKBU is pleased to award Mr Stanley Y L Yim the Doctor of Business Administration, honoris causa.