Mrs Susan SO CHAN Wai-hang, BBS Mrs Susan SO CHAN Wai-hang, BBS
Mrs Susan SO CHAN Wai-hang, BBS

Honorary University Fellow (2016)

A native of Chiu Chow, Mrs Susan So came to settle in Hong Kong at a tender age. Together with her husband Mr So Kai-sing, she has built up an enviable business conglomerate entirely through the couple's wisdom and diligence. Their business portfolio, which continues to expand, now embraces products such as sports shoes, handbags and sanitary products, with manufacturing plants at various locations in China, Vietnam and Myanmar. Their products have also earned the recognition and trust of many leading international labels, for example Walt Disney, Nike, and New Balance, which are now long-term partners with Mr and Mrs So's group. Mrs So is in command of immense knowledge and experience in contemporary business management and has laid down exemplary models for the development, operation and management of her enterprises. She is currently the Managing Director of Yue Wing Cheong Manufactory Limited and the Deputy Chairman of Winnie Sanitary Product Limited.
Mrs So has a most benevolent disposition and a remarkable sense of social responsibility, and firmly abides by the precept of giving back to the community what she has gained from it. Thus she participates enthusiastically in social services, and has been unswerving in the promotion of charitable causes. She is a particularly ardent supporter of the Yan Chai Hospital, to which she has devoted much of her time and energy. She first joined in activities supporting the Hospital in 2004 and, in these twelve years, served as Director and then Vice-Chairman, becoming the Chairman of the Hospital's 47th Board of Directors in 2014 to 2015. Through her extensive network of business contacts and social connections, Mrs. So has greatly enhanced the community's awareness and concern for the development of Yan Chai Hospital. She is firmly committed to the fund-raising work for Yan Chai, and her indefatigable spirit and tireless endeavours have yielded excellent results which facilitate in no small measure the development of the Hospital. Mrs So is also a member of the Government's Elderly Commission, sits on the school board of the Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si College, and is the Supervisor of the Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School. While engaged in a wide spectrum of social services, Mrs So is especially devoted to the care of senior citizens, and the provision for elderly welfare in terms of both their psychological and physiological needs. On the other hand, Mrs So also shows a great concern for the nurture and formation of young people, an interest built upon the conviction that young people are the future of society and the hope of the nation, and therefore must be allowed to develop fully and healthily. In 2015, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR presented Mrs. So with the Bronze Bauhinia Star in recognition of her contribution to community services.
Mrs Susan So is a much appreciated and close friend of the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). She is a staunch supporter of the concept of holistic education, which is central to the University's activities, and a frequent contributor to its developmental programmes. Mrs So has established scholarships at HKBU, and has given significantly to help finance the development of the University's Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology. In 2013 a grand fund-raising dinner was held to raise resources for the Academy; Mrs So, as Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee, accomplished her duties most splendidly and brought substantial income in support of the Academy. Mrs Susan So is at present an Honorary President of the HKBU Foundation and a member of the Foundation's Board of Governors and its Entrepreneur Committee, and the Chairman of the Development Committee of the Academy of Sinology. In these capacities she has greatly benefitted the University with her valuable advice on the widening of the University's outreach and networking activities, and on its other efforts in institutional advancement.
Mrs Susan So is an outstanding industrialist who serves the community with generosity and zeal in various welfare activities, and a major supporter of educational enterprises, where her efforts in promoting the development of the Hong Kong Baptist University merit our special praise and gratitude.