Mr WONG Nga Chung Mr WONG Nga Chung
Mr WONG Nga Chung

Honorary University Fellow (2014)

Mr Wong Nga Chung began his career in business as a student at our own distinguished institution, holding a Diploma in Business Management awarded by Hong Kong Baptist College in 1973. A trained and experienced specialist in materials management in the electronics industry, Mr Wong has witnessed remarkable changes in this sector as it made the shift from analog to digital components in the late 1970s and 1980s. He has been an active and visionary driver of change in his field, having held appointments as officer, control supervisor, procurement manager and, since 1984, holder of the office of President at Nakagawa Electronics Limited; and Director, Yu King Industrial Limited.
Throughout his distinguished career, Mr Wong has also demonstrated an active and sustained commitment to the teaching of the young. In fact, one of his earliest positions after graduating from Hong Kong Baptist College was as a primary school teacher. His loyalty and commitment to our University is, by now, decades long, including dedicated service, most recently as an Honorary President of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation and Patron of the HKBU Century Club. Honorable mention must likewise be made of the humble beginnings of Mr Wong’s dedication to our University: while still an undergraduate student, Mr Wong began his career as a donor by issuing a donation of HK$1,000 to the University via the office of then President Dr Daniel Tse. This donation was, by any standard, a most tidy sum for a young person to make; convert that amount for inflation and cost of living increases across the intervening forty years and the scope of Mr Wong’s youthful commitment is truly remarkable!
Since then, Mr Wong has made numerous donations in support of his alma mater’s institutional advancement—including helping to vest scholarships, bursaries, as well as the Finance Students Real Money Investment Fund.  He is a man who, clearly, has a kind and generous heart in support of the learning of Hong Kong’s future leaders. Most recently, Mr Wong has joined hands with fellow University alumni, Mr Dickson T Y Shang and Mr Stephen W O Tang, to initiate the “Alumni $100 Donation Campaign”.
Beyond his contributions to the University, Mr Wong has remained committed to promoting education in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. Since the 1990s, he has been helping to fund scholarships to the Chinese YMCA Secondary School (CYMCASS) as well as sponsoring its annual student publication One Hundred Pieces by CYMCASS Students (《青中一百篇》). In the People’s Republic of China, Mr Wong has been similarly providing scholarships to primary and secondary school students in Guangxi province, where he also continues to finance access to university education for talented students from lower-income backgrounds. He has also provided financial support toward the development of sorely needed infrastructure projects which, once completed, are likely to have a significant impact on the livelihood as well as economy of the people in Guangxi.
Mr Wong’s steadfast and decades-long support for our University, like his tireless advocacy on behalf of young learners locally and nationally, is truly exemplary of civic-minded virtue.