HKBU students organise activities to help underprivileged children experience university life

12 Aug 2021



The Leadership Qualities Centre of the Office of Student Affairs organised the “Summer School 2021 @ University Experience for Underprivileged Children” programme for the first time in late July. Forty-four primary four to primary six students from grassroots families joined the six-day event, which aimed to boost their motivation to learn and help them build up a positive attitude to life.


The programme also hopes to nurture HKBU students’ empathy towards the underprivileged and encourage them to serve the community, and it offers opportunities for grassroots children to participate in summer activities. Fifteen HKBU students worked for more than three months to design a series of thematic learning activities covering different topics such as history, the economy, environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as various global cultures. They also organised activities such as outdoor outreach, organisation visits and film screenings. The programme’s Graduation Ceremony was held on 31 July. 


Chan Ka-chun, a primary six student, said that the programme gave him an in-depth understanding of HKBU, and he hopes to study at university in the future. Fiesta Chu (English, Year 4), a member of the programme’s organising committee, said that during the pandemic, more careful consideration was needed when organising the event. Yet their hard work paid off, as the programme ran smoothly and participants were actively engaged with the activities. 


The “Summer School 2021 @ University Experience for Underprivileged Children” programme was sponsored by the Kowloon City District Youth Programme Committee and the HKBU Century Club.