Local and Mainland experts explore latest Chinese medicine advancements in webinar

23 August 2022

20220823_SCM photo 20220823_SCM photo
(Clockwise from top left) Professor Guo Yike, Vice-President (Research and Development) of HKBU; Professor Lin Zhixiu, Director of the School of Chinese Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Professor Lyu Aiping, Dean of Chinese Medicine at HKBU; and Professor Xu Hongxi, Honorary Dean of the School of Pharmacy at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, officiated at the opening ceremony of the webinar.


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) joined hands with the Hong Kong Association of Herbal Pharmacology, the Hong Kong Pharmacology and Toxicology Club, the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association and the Shanghai Pharmacological Society to hold an online conference on 13 August, sharing insights on the latest advancements in Chinese medicine research and development. More than 500 researchers and students tuned in to the live webinar.

Entitled “Addressing the unmet clinical needs”, the webinar gathered a group of leading pharmaceutical and biomedical science scholars from local and Mainland universities as speakers.

During the event, they shared the findings from their collaborative and interdisciplinary research in translational medicine and drug discovery. Cutting-edge approaches to innovative drug discovery and development, such as structural pharmacology, aptamers, phenomics and artificial intelligence, were also discussed. The experts from different fields exchanged ideas with the online participants about the new advances in the study of the mechanisms and treatment of endocrine and cardiometabolic disorders and cancer.