Dr Wing-yee Chin: Pursuing the miracle of life

5 Oct 2022


When Dr Wing-yee Chin enrolled on the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science programme in HKBU’s School of Chinese Medicine (SCM), she was determined to start a lifetime career that helps others in need.

“A medical career is a long journey,” says the Assistant Professor of Practice in the Clinical Division of SCM and gynaecology specialist. This journey has enabled her to meet people from across the social spectrum, particularly women at different stages of life. By treating a wide variety of health conditions and ailments, the young Chinese medicine practitioner has acquired a wealth of experience.

Dr Chin first became interested in the area of gynaecology at a young age. Growing up, she watched her mother suffer from gynaecological problems due to the stress of balancing work and family. Determined to help those suffering from diseases like those that affected her mother, she studied Chinese Medicine at HKBU with the goal of providing quality care to women by using medicine that is extracted from natural substances. She went on to earn a master’s degree in Chinese Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a PhD in Gynaecology in Chinese Medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Besides treating patients with care and empathy, her strong communication skills have helped her build and maintain trust with patients. “Some illnesses require long-term treatments, therefore it is important to provide detailed explanations to the patients so that they can feel more comfortable and be more informed,” she says.

To Dr Chin, the biggest reward in her busy career is seeing patients recover. In her medical practice, she has provided treatments that have helped restore women to health from conditions ranging from having a miscarriage to suffering from fibroids. She has also treated couples who are having issues conceiving.

The sum of these experiences has shaped her perspective on life. “None of us have full control of life. I have helped a lot of patients with infertility issues, and seeing the birth of a baby makes you realise how precious life is,” she says. Every time she learns that a patient who once had trouble getting pregnant has given birth safely, she feels happy for the new parents. Working closely with women through their pregnancy journeys has also reinforced her belief that life is a miracle.

On research, Dr Chin focuses on the use of Chinese medicine in treating infertility, and she has also been exploring the treatment of premature ovarian failure and post-miscarriage recovery. An empathic medical practitioner, she embodies SCM’s motto of “Sincerity in Service” while also staying true to her dream of delivering preventive healthcare to women.

She says, “As a woman, I share my patients’ feelings. I hope to make use of my expertise and experience to help patients with different physical conditions and let them feel the joy of life and good health.”