HKBU confers Honorary University Fellowships upon seven distinguished persons

Friday, 17 Sep 2021


Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) held its 16th Honorary University Fellowship Conferment Ceremony today (17 September). Honorary University Fellowships were conferred upon seven distinguished persons in recognition of their significant contributions to society and their staunch support for the University.


This year's recipients are Mr Edmund Au Tin-fungProfessor Bridie RabanMs Shi Nan-sunProfessor Shu Chi-wangMs Eileen Tsui LiMr Jaap van Zweden and Ms Wu Man.


At the ceremony, Professor Alexander Wai, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU, acknowledged the seven Honorary University Fellowship recipients as renowned leaders in a wide range of professional fields, from education, music and film to mathematics and business. They are talented individuals who have followed their passions and have worked hard to reach their present positions in their respective fields.


"Their life stories are not just about their achievements, but they are also about their acts of kindness and the care they show for humanity. They are committed to giving something back to society through their public service and charity work, and they also graciously share their knowledge and expertise. By following the examples they set, we can each become an agent of change on a personal level, and we can use this awareness to create a better world in the midst of today’s challenging environment," said Professor Wai.


Speaking on behalf of the Honorary University Fellows, Ms Shi Nan-sun said the recipients are truly delighted and honoured to be conferred the fellowships by HKBU.


Ms Shi shared that university is a place where one gets an education, which means attaining knowledge and attaining the knowledge to know what kind of knowledge you want to attain and where to get it.


"Knowledge is something that nobody can take away from you. It is also a lifelong exercise to attain and refine your knowledge base. And thanks to institutions like HKBU, which not only contribute to society through the pursuit of learning, education and research, but also embrace and encourage the universal values of caring for society, inclusiveness and diversity, integrity and the relentless pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. Such values are also reflected in my fellow honourees today," said Ms Shi.


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